BKBM Re-Published

NZFBF Market Notice

Market Notice No: 202106
Date: 24 November 2021

Re-publishing of BKBM Data


NZFBF encountered a technical issue when generating the BKBM History for its XML Vendor feed which also prevented the subscription BKBM spreadsheet emails from being sent. The issue was identified and resolved, and the spreadsheets were emailed at 10:52am. Vendors such as Bloomberg received BKBM data at the prescribed time of 10:41am. However, the generating of the history and emailing of spreadsheets required all data to be republished to vendors adjusting the timestamp from 10:41am to 10:52am.


Vendors and subscribers are advised that there was no change to the BKBM rates as a result of the second publication.